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Having problems?


Sorry to hear that you are having problems using


Here are a few things which might be causing your problem:


1. You have a "Pop-up Blocker" installed.  SignUpToPlay uses additional pop-up windows to aid in site navigation.  If you have a pop-up blocker installed, it may be preventing the site from working as intended.  This includes the link to "create a new account" (if you click that link and nothing happens, your blocker is preventing the new window from opening).  Many pop-up blockers allow the user to add trusted sites.  This allows the blocker to remain installed, while allowing certain sites to use additional windows.  If you cannot configure your blocker to allow to use additional windows, you will have to uninstall your blocker to use


2.  You have cookies disabled.  Many sites, including require cookies to function. uses non-persistent cookies and requires that you have cookies enabled on your browser.  In addition, many of the events using offer online payment via PayPal.  PayPal also requires cookies to be enabled.  Without cookies enabled, PayPal will give a "timeout" error.


3. You do not have JavaScript enabled on the browser you are using.  JavaScript must be enabled for the site to function properly.


4.  You are using an incompatible version of AOL.  We recommend using AOL 5.0, although some versions of AOL 4.x do work.


5. You are using an incompatible version of Netscape.  We recommend using Netscape 6.0+. The latest version of Netscape is available for no charge at


6. You are using an incompatible version of Microsoft Internet Explorer. We recommend using version 5 or higher. The latest version of Internet Explorer is available for no charge at the Microsoft website.


7. You are using an Apple (Power Mac, G3, G4, etc) with AOL. The recommended solution is sign on to AOL, then launch another browser such as Internet Explorer at level 5 or above, and try that. If this does not work, you will need to use a PC based computer. Try a friend's PC, go to a public library, or go to Kinko's.


8. If you are on a school or office network, check with your network administrator. They may have security settings on the entire network which do not allow you to submit information on sites such as



Still no luck?


The six items above have proven to cure most problems that have been encountered.  If you have tried all of the applicable above items, and are still having a problem please send us an e-mail including the following information:

  • Computer type (Mac, PC, etc)
  • Operating system (Win 95, 98, 2000, NT)
  • Browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, AOL, etc.)
  • The name of your Internet Service Provider (AOL, PCOnline, etc.)
  • The exact steps you had taken up to the point of the error message
  • What screen was showing when the error occurred
  • What the last thing was you entered before the error message occurred
  • The exact wording of the error message including any error #'s.


Send us an e-mail!